‘Twas the Night Before Race Day…

…And Rachel was slightly nervous that she’s running a half marathon tomorrow.

Now entering the ohgeezseriouslywhatwasIthinkingohgeezohgeez state of being. They say on teh interwebz that this is normal, and that it’s actually a form of mental preparation. Thinking through the race, visualizing it. It’s an unknown. Am I physically able to run 13.1 miles? I’m pretty sure I can, since I’ve run 11, but it’s still an unknown.

Generally, I’m okay with unknowns. Especially travelling unknowns. I have absolutely no fear of going to new places; in fact, I thrive on the burst of energy that comes from going to a place I’ve never been before.

But physical unknowns? Scares me to pieces. I’m not good with new medical procedures AT ALL. (Even shots make me squeamish) And unknowns regarding new feats of athleticism?

“AHHHH! What if I can’t do it?!”

Fear of failure? Lack of faith in myself and my abilities? Possibly maybe a little of both. I think being able to claim being able to run a half marathon as an accomplishment will be a huge boost. This 13.1 mile thing is a mile marker or roadblock I’ve created in my mind – if I can just GET there.

I feel strong. I feel powerful. I even feel sexy. So there’s nothing to be nervous about, right?


So, I obsessively pack my essentials bag and get the cooler ready (no aid stations at the no-frills, for-frees Zionsville Anti-Mini Half Marathon). I set out my running clothes. I pick out a pair of tiny Nepali silver earrings that won’t bang against my ear buds. I rest.

Imma gonna rock tomorrow.

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