Precious in His Sight

I’ve blogged before about the Africa Gospel Church Baby Center in Kenya, a home for abandoned or orphaned babies, including babies with HIV/AIDS. Staci Keter, the director, frequently sends out email updates about new babies or babies that have found adoptive parents. Today, I got one that I felt needed to be shared.

“Yesterday, we received baby Precious. She is a tiny and, yes, very precious, 3-day old baby girl who has had quite the rough start in life. She was rescued from a pit latrine on her birthday and has a number of health problems as a result of that. In my heart, I have struggled with her situation. Today I stood over her crib, watching her sleep peacefully, and thinking how much she deserved that rest. I wept as I imagined her floating there in the midst of that waste, thrown out as if she, too, were waste. My heart rose up in desperate prayer that her body can be made whole, and especially that she will grow up knowing the depth of God’s love for her and how truly precious she is in His sight. I don’t know what “exchange” happened in the realm of the Kingdom of God so that her life was saved, but as I looked at her, I was so thankful that God redeemed her life and she was not overwhelmed by those waters!”


I can’t get over how beautiful she is. So perfect. I’m so incredibly thankful that she was found and was given to people who will care for her and tell her how truly precious she is. If you would like to learn more about the AGC Baby Center or participate in the wonderful work of saving “the least of these”, click here to go to the WGM website.


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