Church Social Brownies

A few weeks ago, we traveled to North Carolina to say our goodbyes to Steve’s paternal grandmother, Jane. The whole family gathered for her funeral in the small community of Burnsville, North Carolina, deep in the Appalachian mountains. I always loved visiting that beautiful and strange (for me) place. As someone who grew up surrounded Read More


Cinnamon-Pecan Shortbread

I’ve been on somewhat of a quest for a good shortbread recipe. Shortbread is just so good, especially if it’s got a good salty-sweet balance. The Hubs is a major fan, so it seems like a good cookie for me to perfect baking. I’ve made this version (well, plus my changes) several times, and I’m Read More


Basil Limeade

Yet another recipe that came about because of an herbal abundance! My basil is taking over one of my garden boxes and there is no way that I’ll use it up before the end of the summer. There are lots of basil limeade recipes out there, but most of them had way too much sugar Read More


Fettuccine with Fresh Herbs and Chicken

Indiana had a late spring, which meant a somewhat delayed start to the garden growing season. But in the space of a few weeks, I’ve gone from begging my plants to produce to trying to find ways to use up the herbs and cherry tomatoes that are exploding from my garden boxes. Hubs had grilled Read More


Sugared Peanuts

I first made these for a work assignment when I chose several recipes from my organization’s international family cookbook to make for a marketing project. I picked this recipe because I thought it was interesting that missionaries from three different countries submitted variations on this snack – Kenya, Bolivia, and Honduras.

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