I love cookbooks.

And more importantly – I love reading cookbooks!

I have quite the collection of them, ranging from my mom’s first cookbook from the 1960s to The Joy of Cooking (2006 edition) to The Chocolate-Covered Katie. I’ll flip through a few recipes before going to sleep, and I’ll pore over old copies of Taste of Home while I eat breakfast. And while this might be a little quirky, I don’t think I’m alone.

Despite my impressive cookbook stash, like most of us, I pretty much make the same dozen or so meals, week after week, with little variation. I read somewhere that most home cooks regularly make meals around the same 40 recipes, and that’s definitely the case with me.

A few months ago at work, I took on a project where I would make a recipe from an international cookbook, take photos, and write a blog-style post about it. Both of the recipes I made (Bolivian Potato Salad and African Sugared Peanuts) were ones I had noticed before from the WGM International Cookbook and never taken the time to make. And both were HUGE successes that I know I’ll be making again.

And it hit me as I was making the peanuts (30 minutes of stirring gives you time to think) that I have sort of a mental list of recipes from those cookbooks of foods that I want to make “someday.” An interesting vintage cookie recipe. A foolproof oven-roasted beef. An appetizer from The I Hate To Cook Book that looks like it would be perfect for a holiday party. A pasta dish from a Marion Cunningham book that sounds incredible. So I made my mental list into an actual list!

I think I just need some added accountability to take action, and that work project gave me a great kick in the rear to get started. So my grand goal is to make at least one new recipe from my cookbook stash each week.

My Cooking Philosophy

I rarely make a recipe perfectly exactly as-written, and I am not about to start doing so now. I tinker and make adjustments based on what I know I like (and what my family likes), my time constraints, what my pantry is stocked with, and my mood at the time. I’ll generally note if I deviate from the recipe in any way, in case I forget, in which case, you’re on your own. I’m not a test kitchen or a professional photographer. Hubs is allergic to seafood and I’m not a fan of raisins, so recipes with those ingredients probably won’t show up.

*Note: this blog was formerly a fitness/running focused blog and I’ve kept some of the old posts up. Might also be a few kid/family-related content floating around.*