For my Amelia, at six months old

Posted by on December 22, 2014
Three months old and smiling like a champ

Three months old and smiling like a champ

(Of course, Amelia, you know Amelia isn’t your real name. I’ll tell you about cyber security someday.)

Congratulations, Amelia! You made it to six months! Whoop whoop!

So, Mommy isn’t great at journaling. She doesn’t scrapbook, and you don’t have a baby book. I’m sorry. What I can offer you is a bazillion iPhone pictures and a mountain of Facebook posts chronicling your baby antics. Maybe a few blog posts, like this one. I’m sure Daddy will someday compile those into an easy-to-browse format so you have some record of your early days. He’s pretty awesome, for lots of reasons.

Amelia, I want you to know how desperately we love you, and even as I type this, I get teary when I think about my love for you. My heart catches in my throat, and I just thank God for you. Mommy and Daddy wanted you to be in our family so badly. We waited for years for you to come! And now you’re here, and you’re perfect. You have been loved and prayed for before you were even born, before we even knew you were coming. We call you our miracle baby. 

Do you like your nursery? Daddy spent almost three days painting that world map. We loved every moment we spent putting together your crib, hanging the shelf and the pictures, and fixing up the chair. We wanted it to be a beautiful place that would welcome you into our home. You like the mobiles best, and seem to enjoy the toys our friends and family gave you. Anything you can swing around and slam into the ground are favorites!

Your giggle is hilarious. A few nights ago, after you woke up at 5:00 and wanted to eat, we brought you to our bed so we could grab a little more sleep. You fell asleep first and started snoring. And then it was like you were laughing at yourself snoring in your sleep: “[snore] …heeheehee… [snore] HEEHEEHEE!” I love that you have a sense of humor at six months. I’m sure you get that from Daddy.

You’re super healthy. I am so grateful for that. Some of Mommy’s friends have had babies who have been so sick. Every day, I thank God that you’re healthy. You’ve only had a cold so far, and you handled it like a champ. Well, okay, babies aren’t known for their coping skills when breathing gets hard. But we made it through! Your chubby cheeks and roly-poly shape are so endearing. And you’re helping Mommy and Daddy get really strong as we carry you around!

You like your Lucy-dog

You like your Lucy-dog

You like being “worn” in baby carriers. Mommy always wears you when we go shopping, and people constantly comment on how cute you look. Daddy wore you last week when he vacuumed, and you loved it. You like to see the world around you. And then you usually fall asleep, after having assessed said world. I started wearing you when you were only a week old, and I’m so glad you like it. I love feeling you snuggle against me.

There are so many things I can’t wait to show you, sweet Amelia. I want to go for walks with you in the woods, take you swimming, and pick up pine cones in the meadow where we take Lucy to run. I want you to travel and see this amazing world. I want you to understand how fortunate you are, and have your heart break for the less fortunate. I want  you to know that Jesus loves you even more than we do. 

Right now, Grandma and Grandpa Hepworth are in South Asia – that’s where Mommy grew up. Grandpa is a doctor and is teaching midwives, nurses, and medics how to help sick people, and Grandma is teaching people to speak English. Grandma and Grandpa Elwood are in Hungary – Daddy grew up there and in Austria and Croatia. Grandma helps missionaries with their kids’ education and Grandpa writes Bible studies and works with churches. (They flew back to the US for Christmas – they couldn’t wait to see you!) Amelia, this is your heritage: your grandparents left their jobs and lives in the United States to share Jesus’ love with people in other countries. I hope I will be able to show you how much Jesus loves the WHOLE world and wants everyone to believe in Him. We’re going to take you with us to Hungary in a couple months. You won’t remember anything from this trip, but at least you’ll be able to brag and say that you flew before you could walk!

One blog post is not enough to contain the many amazing things that is you, Lady Amelia of Elwood. Some of the stories of the past six months will no doubt go down in Elwood family history. (Ask me sometime about what you looked like when you had your first bite of mashed potatoes.) I know there are many more to come! We’re only just beginning, my dear.

I love you, Amelia. For always and ever!

Sitting pretty at six months

Sitting pretty at six months

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