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The Pre-Race Nerves

The Elwood circus – Amelia (Baby E’s bloggy nickname) and Lucy and all – are heading down to Indy tomorrow for packet pickup before the race on Saturday. So tonight, I’m puttering around the house packing a bit and trying to think through what I’ll need for the race. It’ll be 30 stupid degrees out when the race starts at 8:00am. We’ve had such a nice fall, I haven’t run in temps that low for a LONG time. Pack the gloves, the hat, funky Swedish neck warmer….

Oh geez. Between getting sick and my body still recovering from Amelia’s birth, my longest run was eight miles. So, honestly, I have NO idea how I’ll do when I run 13.1 on Saturday. I know I run faster when it’s cold, so I have that going for me! I have high hopes of finishing in 2:30, but that means maintaining a 11:26 pace, and my most of my paces have been far from that. 2:40 is probably more realistic.

So here come the pre-race nerves.

I try to convince myself to just run the race and not worry about pace. To celebrate the fact that I can even run, especially five months postpartum! To just enjoy what the day will hold. To run it with gratefulness for the innumerable blessings God has given me.

But the seductive numbers still chase after me.

Now to make sure I don’t forget socks.


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