Year-End Thoughts

A year of firsts

I usually spend some time on New Year’s Eve thinking back over the last year and planning goals for the coming year. And as I was looking over my 2012 calendar and Facebook profile, I was kind of surprised to see how many firsts I got to do this year. 1. Although it was my … Continue reading »

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Bloggy Break Over

I took a bit of a bloggy break.  Between the holidays and recovering from the holidays, it’s been nice to take a bit of a step back. Following the natural rhythms of life, I guess. But now I’m back! 2011, watch out! Yeah! And stuff. Resolutions? Oh sure, I made the usual. Are they going … Continue reading »

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I’m 29. And I’m very much okay with it. I struggled with 27. I was optimistic about 28. And I’m looking forward to 29. I remember last year, I really thought 28 was going to be a great year. (One good thing about having your birthday be so close to the end of the year … Continue reading »

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Rachel’s Thankful Thoughts

I lounge in my lazy boy chair, Christmas tree beautifully decorated, Trans-Siberian Orchestra jamming “Wizards in Winter”, and a small kitten curled up on my knees. (We’re cat-sitting for friends; our own two cats are parked in various postures of defense against this energetic monster.) And I realized once more how very thankful I am for so … Continue reading »

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Rachel’s Top New Finds of 2009

What has improved the quality of your life this last year? What new gadgets have you adopted into your daily routine, or what new-to-you discoveries have blown you away? I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 things that have made an impact on my life this year. Not all of them are new to … Continue reading »

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