We Thought You’d Be Here By Now

Some things about this pregnancy business haven’t surprised me, like the fact that I have been able to successfully learn to fall asleep on my side. (I figured it would come eventually!) Some things have surprised me, like the fact that getting dressed requires intentional focus, otherwise there would be serious tipping over. One thing … Continue reading »

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Wait. Rest in Me. And have hope.

It’s been over five years since Steve and I decided it was time to start our family. Five long years of doctor’s offices, medications, tests, surgery to remove endometriosis, and waiting. So much waiting. Last year or maybe even the year before, our church spent some time talking about God’s promises. One of the things we … Continue reading »

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5 Things I Learned at SHARE

                            The actual name of the SHARE conference is, of course, Family Education Conference, so I figured I should review my week by blogging about the stuff I learned. So, in mostly no particular order, here are my top 5. 1. Everyone … Continue reading »

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Fear Facing

Sunday afternoon, I was battling anxiety as the SHARE Family Conference in Sopron, Hungary, loomed closer – and my imminent entry into youth ministry. I’m not at all a typical youth group person – I’m an introvert, I tend to dislike large amounts of giggling, and thought I had nothing in common with a 13 year old. … Continue reading »

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Help Me to Believe in Beginnings

My friend Ben posted this poem a few days ago on his blog, and I was so struck and dazzled by it, I just had to pass it on. Failure is such a harsh force in our lives, but God is so amazing – He loves us and uses us for His glory despite our … Continue reading »

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