The Geocaching Bag

I geocache year-round, mostly because I like it so much that I always want to get out there and find those little buggers even if it’s freezing out. However, once spring really gets going, geocaching is a lot more fun. It’s much nicer to be poking around the woods when it’s 75 and sunny than … Continue reading »

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A Rachel Kind of Day

I am, by nature, an introvert. I recharge by being alone, I revel in solitude, and LOVE having the house to myself. Steve took off to Cincinatti with a friend to pick up some furniture at IKEA, and I decided to get all my housework done earlier in the week so I could really take … Continue reading »

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Today while we were geocaching…

…I went to one of the saddest little cemeteries I’ve ever seen. There’s a series of geocaches called Indiana Spirit Quest that are hidden in small pioneer cemeteries all across Indiana, mostly at rural crossroads. On, they give some info or interesting tidbits about the residents, and the idea is to gain some appreciation … Continue reading »

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Geocaching in Marion

Geocaching, where have you been all my life? It’s so much fun!  Steve bought the app for his iPhone, and yesterday he suggested we give it a try.  If you’re new to geocaching, it’s basically a treasure hunt for people with GPS devices – you hunt for small containers, or caches, using coordinates you can find … Continue reading »

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