Inside the UN

“The goal of the UN is to prevent war and eliminate poverty.” This statement was repeated several times by our tour guide at the Vienna International Centre, one of the four international headquarters of the United Nations (the others are in New York City, Geneva, and Nairobi). We moved through the enormous plaza and corridors … Continue reading »

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Things That Go Boom in the Night

My sister and I were talking about guns the other day. She lives in Michigan, where everyone and their brother has a gun, mostly for hunting purposes, so it’s a very normal thing for most people to own guns there. After our discussion, I started thinking about why I feel the way I do about … Continue reading »

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Islamic Veil Debate in Europe

I’ve been following the recent government rulings in Belgium and other countries in Europe regarding the Islamic practice of wearing face veils. Several countries already ban veils from schools, colleges, and government buildings. This ban, however, would outlaw the face veil completely.  It seems like most people come to one of three conclusions on this issue: 1. … Continue reading »

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I realize that my personal viewpoints on the US, the military, politics,  and patriotism are not that same as most people of my acquaintance or even in my own family. I realize that some of the things in the post might not sit well with many people. I hope you know that I sincerely do not mean … Continue reading »

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Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago today, I was sitting in my drafty dorm room at Lithuania Christian College, missing my then-boyfriend Steve and kicking myself for signing up for both German and Lithuanian language classes. One of the other American students came in my room, told me America had been attacked, and to come now to another … Continue reading »

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