Anniversaries and Adventures

Even though we’re both crazy busy right now with our jobs, Steve and I took the day off on Monday to celebrate our SEVENTH anniversary! I still have a hard time believing it’s been that long! I feel as though I should be more mature or something. At any rate, Monday was a good day. … Continue reading »

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Snowboards and Romance

We’ve been watching a lot of the 2010 Winter Olympics this week. As someone who grew up in the tropics, I love watching those silly people dance around the ice, defying death as they fly down frozen mountains, and acting like frantic janitors. (Curling: pure awesomeness!) And as we’ve watched the snowboarding, every once in … Continue reading »

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Rachel’s Top New Finds of 2009

What has improved the quality of your life this last year? What new gadgets have you adopted into your daily routine, or what new-to-you discoveries have blown you away? I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 things that have made an impact on my life this year. Not all of them are new to … Continue reading »

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There and back again: My Pictures Tale

Oh gosh, am I really using Hobbit jokes? REALLY???? Once upon a time, my wonderful husband developed an awesome storage system for all our pictures, music, TV shows we recorded, documents, etc.  And it was truly wonderful to have pretty much limitless space to put these things so they didn’t clutter up our lappy hard … Continue reading »

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There’s a bird in my kitchen, dear Liza, dear Liza

Steve and I thought it would be nice to give our indoor-only cats an outdoor experience by taking out the windows in our sunroom, and give them access to a little ledge where they could wander a few feet out into the great unknown. We spent the afternoon outside, washing our cars, and came in … Continue reading »

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