Blackberries and Perspective

You know the Robin Williams movie Dead Poets Society? One scene often gets played back in my head. It’s when Robin Williams’ character tells his students to stand on his desk, because (something to the effect of) “You never know what you might see if you change your perspective.” I went blackberry picking today. The … Continue reading »

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Gardening pros we are not, but we get pretty flowers in January

In the fall, when flower bulbs were on sale, Steve and I bought some pretty white narcissus bulbs, planning to plant them outside. But we never got around to it, and by Christmas, they had started to sprout. (We didn’t know that we could have delayed that by putting them in the garage.) We realized … Continue reading »

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There’s a bird in my kitchen, dear Liza, dear Liza

Steve and I thought it would be nice to give our indoor-only cats an outdoor experience by taking out the windows in our sunroom, and give them access to a little ledge where they could wander a few feet out into the great unknown. We spent the afternoon outside, washing our cars, and came in … Continue reading »

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