MKs and Pets

I was walking from one building to another on WGM’s campus the other day, and saw a missionary get out of her car with a very small, very furry dog. As Fido was doing his business, I chatted with Nina, the owner. Nina had just arrived in the US for furlough, and had brought her … Continue reading »

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How To Trim a Cat’s Claws

1. Cats like to scratch things with their claws: furniture, carpet, people, etc. 2. We would rather not allow our house to be one big scratching post. 3. I’m pretty sure declawing should be a last resort to solving this problem, for many reasons. Our vet told us that she only recommends declawing if the … Continue reading »

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Of Life Lessons and Cats

My cat, Chai, HATES being held. Which is annoying, because she’s very cute. She’s a beautiful “blue-and-cream” calico. (Thus saithed the pet shop tag on her cage) Chai will jump on the bed and curl up at my feet, and she’ll let me scratch her ears, and maybe play with her a bit – but … Continue reading »

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